On June 2002 Ritmo Guanaco, Spanish radio program, traveled to El Salvador to cover the inaugural flight of TACA Airlines in Boston. This was not the only mission of the radio program. Thanks to the motivation and support of Oscar Espinoza, regional sales manager for TACA-Boston and people with kind hearts, we were able to raise over $1,000 to donate to the Special-needs school Adolfo Blandon in Cojutepeque, Cuscatlan. During this visit, Ritmo Guanaco met Fátima Pérez, beautiful 1½ year old little girl who suffered from Hydrocifilis and unfortunately passed away on September of that same year due to lack of medical treatment. In memory of Fatima we decided to call on certain community leaders in Boston with the hope that they would be part of this project that God had placed in our hearts, to create an organization and help the most vulnerable in El Salvador, special-needs children. We called on Ana Miriam Vaquerano, Jorge Peña, Amalia Alvarado, Roberto Amaya, Samuel Chicas, José Gutierrez who agreed to be part of this challenging mission. Thanks to this positive first step, God has been opening door after door and helping us overcome obstacles along the way and provide positive results in abundance. With our hearts set on the Lord we know we can accomplish anything! We’re counting on you! Daniel & Cecy Gutierrez, Founders

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